All-day school offer

Parents can choose whether they want their child to stay at school after classes. In the all-day offer every child gets lunch, homework supervision and the opportunity to play outside with others or to participate in extracurricular activities. Children can be signed in until 15:00 or 16:00 o’clock. The participation in the all-day offer is fee-based. Families who receive government support (Bildung und Teilhabe – BUT), only have to pay a small fee.


Piero de Carlo

Contact person

Available on all school days from 11:00 to 17:00 o’clock at

Eva Quest

Contact person

Available on all school days from 11:00 to 17:00 o’clock at


  • Supervision by pedagogical specialists and employees
  • Close cooperation between teachers and all-day offer staff
  • Living and learning all day in a class environment with familiar persons looking after them

Flexible Times

  • Opening hours from 6:50 till 17:30 o’clock
  • Flexible pick-up times starting at 15:00 o’clock
  • Care taking on extra days off and during the vacations


  • healthy lunch in a calm atmosphere – also in regards to food, we respect different religious requirements
  • throughout the day the children always receive healthy snacks
  • we receive our lunch from the Mensastiftung Minden gGmbH

After Classes

  • Intensively accompanied study time instead of homework
  • Extensive offer of extracurricular activities
  • Opportunity for free play and relaxation
  • Lernzeit der Klassenstufen 3 und 4: täglich 60 Minuten, außer freitags
  • AG-Zeit: Arbeitsgemeinschaften und außerschulische Angebote des Ganztags finden in der Regel zwischen 14:15 Uhr und 15:45 Uhr statt.

Daily routine

  • Between 11:50 and 14:05 o’clock children have lunch in groups in 45 minutes, in a comfortable room under supervision of 1-2 employees
  • Study-time of grades 1 and 2: daily 45 minutes, except on Fridays
  • Study-time of grades 3 and 4: daily 60 minutes, except on Fridays
  • Extracurriculars and clubs usually take place between 14:15 and 15:45 o’clock


  • “small contract”
    Supervision after class until 15:00 o’clock: 35,- EUR monthly
  • “big contract”
    Supervision after class until 16:00 o’clock: 70,- EUR monthly

These arrangements are possible after consultation

  • Early-supervision 7:00 to 7:50 o’clock (prices upon request)
  • Late-supervision 16:00 to 17:30 o’clock (prices upon request)
  • Vacation offers for 1 to 5 weeks per schoolyear (prices upon request)

Contribution for Lunch

  • For recipients of financial aid (according to SGB II): 17,- EUR
  • For self-payers: 48,- EUR

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