The One-World-School Minden / Eine-Welt-Schule Minden is an elementary school with an inclusive concept and an all-day offer in the center of Minden.

Our central concern is learning and living in a strong community. We see the diversity of different nations, cultures, religions, preferences and talents as an enrichment.

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We want

  • to support your child’s learning as good as possible
  • to practice respect and tolerance for each other
  • to make the school a place of feeling all day
  • to strengthen your child’s personality
  • to develop democratic consciousness.
  • to work with parents in a trustful atmosphere

We offer

  • inter-year learning in the school-entry phase (grade 1 and 2)
  • consistent week plan learning
  • musical and artistic projects
  • an especially tight link of school day and the all-day offers
  • time to play and relax
  • collaboration with many partners
  • in grades 3 and 4 learning is organized in separate classes
  • additional offers for special needs and extra challenges in small groups
  • cultural projects in the theater, the library and the museum
  • extensive extracurricular activities
  • a parents’ café, every day starting at 8:00 am

Current Posts

in cooperation

BUDDY Programm Kinderrechte
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Kreis Minden-Lübbecke
Landesprogramm Bildung und Gesundheit
Ministerium für Schule NRW