The mission statement of our school

Our school is a place to live and learn in a strong community that sees the diversity of different cultures, languages, religions, inclinations, gifts and personalities as enriching.

Learning and personality development

“Strengthening the people, clarifying the matter” (H. v. Hentig)
Learning development and personality development belong together and are equally important. Both should be considered in our school.

Individual promotion

Every person learns in his own way and at his own pace. Through individual support, we want to be as fair as possible for each child.

Democratic learning

The opportunity for participation and participation are basic rights that must be learned. Democratic learning is therefore a central element of our school.

Good and healthy school

The health of all those involved in our school is the essential prerequisite for successful development. We understand health comprehensively as well-being and fitness on a physical and emotional level and promote it through various measures.