Special education support

Some children need special attention in school, for example in their language or with learning or social behavior.

If a child needs special support, the parents or the school pose an application to the school board. This is called “Antrag zur Überprüfung von sonderpädagogischem Unterstützungsbedarf” or ‘application for verification of need for special educational support.’

The school then writes a report about the child. The parents can add letters from doctors or therapists. The school board then reviews whether the given justification of need for special educational support is sufficient. They then accept or reject the application.

If the school board accepts the application, a teacher from another school is asked to give an expert opinion. This teacher gets in contact with the parents.

The teacher from the other school observes and tests the child, to determine whether the child needs special educational support or not. Sometimes the health department invites the child for an examination.

The teacher writes a report and the results are discussed with the parents. The parents choose a general school with an inclusive concept or a special education school.

In a general school with an inclusive concept, children with special educational needs and children without special educational needs learn together in a group.

In special education schools, only children with special educational needs are taught.

Inclusive learning

Our elementary school is a school of inclusive learning. Children with and without determined special educational needs in the areas of learning, language, or social and emotional development are taught together at our school.

Every class is therefore supported by a teacher for special education, who joins the team work in several lessons and is available for counselling outside of class.

The teachers for special education do not only help children with determined special educational needs, but also children with other special needs. With early support, special needs are aimed to be reduced.
For every child with special educational needs, a scheme is agreed upon in a team. This plan entails all support measures. Parents and children are involved in this process.