Student meetings

Students Parliament

Every year, in the One World School, class leaders are selected in each class. At regular intervals, they meet in the student parliament. It discusses all the issues that affect the school community as a whole. In addition, all class speakers are trained as buddies. Buddy is actually called friend. The project means one helps the other. Buddies make sure that no child stands alone in the break or in class, is laughed at, annoyed. You mediate or ask a teacher / educator for help. Buddies wear appropriate vests so that all children can see them and contact them if they have any problems.

The members of the student parliament write a protocol on their meetings. They take this with them and read it in the classes, so that all children are always informed. The protocols are also read and discussed in the teachers’ conferences.

School assembly

Every month there is a school meeting. All children meet in the auditorium. If you want, you can perform, tell, sing, dance, play.

Sometimes whole groups also show us what they have developed in class. The Antolin Rabe with his Antolin child flies into the

Class who have worked the most in the Antolin program or who most still have to work to motivate the children. And all of the birthday children of the month come on stage and are honored.